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User Comments for Parade

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Diamonds in the Rough
by mayday212 on August, 31 2002
From New York City
In my opinion, the success of Parade as a musical is based on the tremendous style with which it is executed, the soaring drama of the backstory, and most of all the several musical gems scattered within its score. The score itself is slightly foggy, clouded by a few ambiguous, interminable numbers, but the jewels undoubtedly shine through. They are thrilling, and created so artfully that Parade's ambling plot and few duds are forgotten. There's "The Old Red Hills of Home," the prologue in which a soldier serenades his far-off love, "You Don't Know This Man," a simple, haunting melody in which a woman (phenomenally portrayed by Carolee Carmello in the Broadway production) desperately defends her husband, and of course the beloved "All the Wasted Time," already a musical theatre classic, a flawless love song. Thinking of these, one finds it hard to believe that there's anything wrong with Parade. And although there are a few pockmarks on this otherwise poreless face, who cares?




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