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By the fans for the fans

Welcome to our new release. We are working to provide you with even more of what you want. Please have a look around. We appreciate any feedback.

Voting and user comments are now available! Tell us what are your favorites and duds.


Welcome to the unofficial history of theatre as provided by you and your fellow theatre fans. A lot has changed at ITDb since our last update. After a lot of time and effort, we have decided to completely open up our database to anyone and everyone! We hope that means that all theatre will be represented and given its just emphasis.

We are actively looking for people willing to give a few hours a week to help maintain and update this site and its information. If you wish to take part either send e-mail to or check out the Staff pages to see how we are organized.

Where We've Been?

You wouldn't believe if we told you. The past year has been a tough one for a variety of reasons. But, we're back at it and hope you're there to help. We've subtitled this site "by the fans for the fans" because we believe it's the living history of theatre that each of us keeps that makes it so special. We want you to share those experiences with us using our user comments section to document your experiences, joys, and horrors in watching or participating in professional theatre. Theatre history is more than facts, but a rich description of what it was like to be there for the final performance of "Carrie".

So, come join us and relive theatre.

Let the Internet Theatre Database be your reference. Send us you head shot and resume and we will make sure that it gets into our database (after verifying its accuracy, of course). Send requests to
Found an Error
We are aware that errors are in our database. We are trying to fix the typos and the omissions, but you are our best source of information. If you find an error, just click on the Errors/Additions (coming soon, for now send an e-mail to link and make the necessary corrections/additions. This should greatly increase the accuracy and fill the gaps. Or, volunteer for our staff and really make a difference.
Free Database/Free Advertising

The information in this database is (and will be) free for all to use. Also, on our downloads page we will periodically "dump" our database free to all who wish to download it and use for whatever you wish (noncommercial use only please). Since this information is being provided by you, we feel that you should have free access to it for your needs.

This applies solely to the factual information contained in the database. Any reviews or user supplied comments are authorized only for use within the Internet Theatre Database and cannot be reproduced without our and the authors permission.

In addition, we now support totally free advertising! That's right no more paid adds and jewelry stores. If you wish to advertise with us, check out our Advertising page on what we will and will not accept and drop us a line at



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