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Internet Theatre Database FAQ

Our Mission

The Internet Theatre Database is to provide all aspects of theatre information free of charge.


Who are you?

This question is asked more times than not, and we have been a bit hestitant to answer. But, with our recent changes we feel you should get a clear picture of who we are. The ITDb is the work of Keith Scollick. For more information about him check out his page.


Why are we doing this?

Ever since the Internet Movie Database was developed, we've been waiting for someone to do the same thing for theatre. Finally, we stopped waiting and decided to do it ourselves.


You do know about the Internet Broadway Database?

Yes. We are happy that Broadway can be offically documented and commend the League for their efforts.

We at ITDb hope to go a bit further and include all realms of professional theatre as well as document the "living" history of theatre.


What do you mean by "living" history of theatre?

As an art form, theatre is more than who did what or who played what in a show. It is as much about the experience of seeing or being involved in the show that makes theatre special.

At ITDb we want to capture those moments, and we would like you to supply it. Using our User Comments section, please tell us what it was like for you. This keeps the show "living" long after it has closed.


What's this "association" with Talkin' Broadway?

Their site and our's have formed an association in an effort to provide the best possible information together. Each site will continue to be independently owned and operated. But now, you can find the facts here and read their excellent articles. We ultimately hope the benefit of this association is your's.


Where is the information for ...

We are slowly building the information in the database. We have basic information (opened, closed, performances, etc. on most Broadway shows since 1975, and most Broadway musicals for the past 50+ years. Complete cast and production lists exist for only select years (this takes a longer amount of time).


Can I help?

Most certainly! We have a page describing the best way to send us information (though any means of getting it to us will work).

Soon, we will be adding an online way of adding this information. So, check back soon.


I found an error/omission...

This is bound to happen. We have tried our best to maintain the accuracy of our data, but errors are inevitable. If you find data missing or in error please send us e-mail detailing the problem and your source (many available sources contradict each other), and we'll get right on it.

We are builing an online submission page where you can directly edit and change errors you find.


Who or what is the final authority on errors?

There is none.

A lot varies depending on the error. For date disputes, we use the New York Times as the basis for openings and closings. For names, credits, etc. we try to go with corroborating sources (though in some cases, one source will corroborate another because it used the former as a reference). It's a sticky problem that we hope to have a better handle on as time goes on.


Where's London, Off-Broadway, National Tours, Regional Theatre?

We had to start somewhere. Broadway information is easier to come by. So, it makes a logical place to start. The database is designed to integrate other theatre locations. We have started to add Off-Broadway and Regional Theatre.

For now, we are stickly with U.S. professional theatre, but hope to expand with international versions.


Why don't you have images, logos, pictures, etc.?

We are trying.

Unfortunately, our efforts to get the necessary permission to display show logos and images as well as theatre seating charts have met with resistance. Currently, we don't have the money to pay a licensing fee. Our suggestion is for you to let places like Playbill and Ticketmaster know how you feel, and maybe we can persuade them into allowing this to occur.

When we have proper permission we will include this art into our pages. Until that time, we will not violate copyrights.


Where's [enter your favorite missing feature]?

We couldn't do everything right off the bat, or we would never get done. How we proceed from here is mainly up to you. Send us feedback of what you want, and we'll get a good feel about where to go from here.


How do I do ...?

We've setup some basic searches based upon what we think most people will want. As time grows, we'll add more advanced searches. Send us feedback as to what you want.


I have a special request

As time permits, we can accommodate special requests (e.g. research projects, publications, etc.).


You call yourselves ITDb, yet your URL is

You caught us. We were slow on the uptake, and was taken. So, we've gone with and


Is is or

Either will work. As to "re" vs. "er", that's a philosophical debate we don't want to get into. We use "re" throughout the site to be consistent.


Can I advertise on your site?

We'd be glad if you did. See our advertiser's page for details.


What is the copyright on the data?

Please check our copyright statement.


Can I display your pages on my site (or in publications)?

Please check our copyright statement for details.


Can I link to your site?






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