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User Comments for Dance of the Vampires

Total Comments: 10

The following comments are property of its author. ITDb assumes no repsonsibility.
Americans are crazy...
by FeralYaguara on October, 26 2003
From Vermont
From seeing your comments, my theory has been proven. Americans are crazy and don't know a great musical when they see one. You'd rather watch Mamma Mia over and over instead of opening your mind to something new and yes, strange. Dance of the Vampires isn't mainstream and people want it to be. And that's why I like it. Jim Steinman isn't insane, he's a creative genius with a wonderful way with words. I only wish I could write so well.
Ignore the reviews--it's great!
by arteecher on December, 30 2002
From NYC
The music, voices, dancing, scenery are fantastic. I have seen it twice and each time there was a standing ovation. It's not traditional Broadway...far from it. It's rock music and great dancing. It you're under 40, go! You will not be sorry.
A Sensational Show That Audiences Love and Critics Hate
by Starcastle99 on December, 12 2002
From New York
I attended the opening night performance of Dance of the Vampires. It was simply sensational. The music, the book, the acting, Michael Crawford were all superior. The audience was coming out of its chairs, finally yielding to a very long standing ovation. They loved it, you could hear the buzz when the house lights came up.

For some reason unknown to me, the critics panned. The NY Times didn't just pan it, he fried it. Why? Ultimately if a show is to succeed it has to capture its audience. This show did! What the critics didn't seem to understand is that like the great movie, "The Princess Bride" it is a spoof, a send-up of the whole notion of Vampires! They didn't get it, but the people who ponied up their money did.

Don't miss this show. Forget all the musicological nonsense proferred by the Times. I have my doctorate in musicology and the writer didn't make a single correct reference. A Great Evening!

DOV breath of fresh air
by Rich on December, 10 2002
From harrisburg, pa.
The critics be hanged (or at least attacked by vampires) this show is a breath of fresh air in the myre of stale sameness that is broadway. bravo to the producers for taking a risk and giving us some really exceptional entertainment.
Dance of the Vampires sucked....not just blood. The begining of the end for Crawford.
by pixiequeen424 on December, 09 2002
From New York City
I'm going to try my best to make this as organized as possible, but after all, I am just a high school student. I have been let down tremendously by my former hero, Michael Crawford. His performance in this simply crappy musical was so tragic that after the first few minutes, the thrill of seeing my idol faded and I fought hard to resist brain damage from the embarrassing display before me.

I was unfortunate enough to see Dance of the Vampires on its first preview in October. I was going with two other people, both age 14. I am 16. If the show's comedy was trying to appeal to a younger age group with its raunchy, slowwitted failed. The script, acting and songs (not to mention jokes which border on the imbicilic) were enough for me to question the mental health of everyone involved in this show.

What was worse, after the show, I faced the mob of old ladies clutching dance of the vampires playbills for an autograph from the former phantom turned vampire. He seemed very cold and snotty to his fans as he ignored his abundant, undeserved compliments. I asked him to sign a picture of HIM as the phantom from my own phantom of the opera program. He took it, put the pen to the paper, then handed it back to me and said "I'm not signing this." Is it possible he regrets playing the phantom? The one role that made him who he is? Or is it that looking at himself when he amounted to something made him realize that his new abomination of a musical was the beginning of his tragic anticlimax. I believe that if Crawford was not staring in Vampires, it would be closing a lot earlier.

Total Eclipse of the Mind
by Methodius on December, 08 2002
From Jersey
Though at times this show was funny, almost witty, it never really got to be good. Michael Crawford's attempts at playing a sexy rock and rolling are enough to make one feel sick to their stomach. David Ives, book writer, should probably stick to one acts. When taken in large doses, his humor decreases in amusement rapidly.
Dance Preview.
by Broadwayj1 on November, 27 2002
From Indianapolis, Indiana
I went to see "Dance" and I really, really enjoyed it! It was hot and sexy and a lot of fun! I know that many people, on that day, didn't seem to care for the music. I must admit that some of the songs need to be redone, B-U-T, for the most part its a great fun show! The costumes are something out of "thriller" and the dance scenes are great! With actors climbing down the walls of the the theatre. I really, truly enjoyed it! And think its a great hot and sexy romp no matter how old Crawford gets! hee hee.


German Version
by brouse on October, 30 2002
From Vienna, Austria
My wife and I saw this show several years ago in Vienna, Austria, where it originally opened. We knew nothing about it; we just happened to be staying in a hotel across the street from the theatre.

The lyrics were all in German, but we were able to follow the story line. The music was at once familiar, being mostly retreads of songs done by Meatloaf, etc., although it worked surprisingly well for for the stage.

The stage sets and special effects were amazing. I only hope the NY production is on the same par.

Having heard some of the English language lyrics, I'd suggest leaving your brain at the door, and enjoying a guilty pleasure in the form of a lavish musical and visual production.

Dance of the Vampires
by bklynlovesbway on October, 27 2002
From New York
I cannot believe that a talent such as Michael Crawford will risk his career on this terrible musical. He looked like a cross between Elvis and Liberace in kabuki makeup. His accent went from Count Chocula, to the sesame street Count, ending up with a scottish accent. The effects were good, the music sounded like one big Meatloaf song....what a waste. They need to do something to fix it, don't know what. Maybe get Sebastian Bach and rock it a little.
Great Show - Highly Recommended!!!!!!!!
by on October, 26 2002
From new york
The marketing for "Dance of the Vampires" totally misses the mark. It is being promoted as another "Phantom" but that is misleading. A comparison to "Rocky Horror" would be more accurate. Yes, there are elements of "Vampires" that are similiar to "Phantom". Both shows have similiar story lines with young beautiful virgins being courted by a menancing mythic figure. Both have gothic elements to the sets and take place in the 19th century. And of course, Michael Crawford opened in both shows creating the role of the lead protagonist. But that is where the similarites end. "Dance of the Vampires" is a laugh out loud, funny and bizarre show. Michael Crawfords comic timing is surprising and hysterically funny. And although his voice is as beautiful, powerful and plaintiff as it was 17 years ago, seeing him in a comic role is nothing like "Phantom of the Opera". His character is more like Tim Curry in "Rocky Horror". Other elements in "Vampires" that are reminiscent of "Rocky Horror Show" are the 2 innocents in a world of depravity (played memorably by Max von Essen and Mandy Gonzales), the amount of sexual content and satire, and the dancing (which is some of the best you will ever see on Broadway).

The sets are state-of-the-art technologic achievements.

Go see this show! It was a great experience.





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