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User Comments for Boesman and Lena

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When James Earl Jones and Ruby Dee were Off-Broadway
by srlevine on December, 30 2003
From The original Cirlce in the Square Theater, NYC
Looking for something to do while strolling through "The Village" in the summer of '70, I came upon a cheap matinee performance of a show about the affect of South African Apartheid on its residents. There were loads of empty seats in the small theater at this particular performance. The show starred a couple of performers that I did not immediately recognize, James Earl Jones and Ruby Dee.

But WOW! At this point, my recollection is solely that of being over-powered by the performance. I was 19 years old at the time, so it's hard for me to answer what was so absolutely emcompassing: the staging, the script, or the actors? And since we all now know about the actors, and since I find it difficult to distinguish between the other components of staging and script, this was clearly an event that could not be forgotten.

I left the theater mesmerized, walking out into the warm and muggy early evening knowing that I had just witnessed something amazing, and feeling a new passion about the tragedy of apartheid.





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