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User Comments for Cyrano - The Musical

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Amazingly Over Produced
by on March, 03 2004
From Charlotte, NC
I had the luck of seeing Cyrano: The Musical during the week of Thanksgiving in 1993. Jordan Bennett performed the role of Cyrano that day. AND he was excellent! However, the individual who stole the show was Anne Runolfsson. Her performance as Rozanne was fantastic! Her solo when Christain dies brought tears to my eyes. Then, at the end, when she cried out "I have loved but ONE man and now I lose him for a second time!" I thought I'd would never stop sobbing. The production was so over-produced. The stage raised and lowered and formed stairs and platforms and lifted performers into the flies and slanted into a raked stage and did just about everything but separate for the parting of the Red Sea (and I bet it could have done that too!) The music was very much reminiscent of Les Miserables (if fact, the production seemed to use Les Miz as it's textbook.) I felt the 2nd act was overly short in comparison to Act One, which ran almost 2 hrs by itself. The producers were from The Netherlands and are the media giants of their country (they own the TV show Big Brother as well as many others.) Another Broadway production of their's is TITANIC. So, they obviously didn't learn much from Cyrano: The Musical, if they chose to sink a luxury liner each evening for their follow up. The composer, Ad Van Dijk (pronounced Van Dyke), has written several other shows including "Joe" based on the WWII story which Steven Speilberg's "Always" was also based. That score was rather minimalist. There is a dutch production OCR of Cyrano: The Musical which is pretty good and a germany OCR (SUX!) The best however is the Netherland Radio Symphony Orchestra's recording of the music. It is fully re-orchestrated and its the most amazing rethinking of showtunes that I've heard. I saw this show w/ THE unrequited love of my life and it's themes and music have stayed w/ me throughout the years. I am probably the only person in America who routinely hums the score to themselves, but that's okay. I would never give up those memories of a great weekend in a great city w/ a great man and seeing a great show. THANK YOU CYRANO and thank you Kevin Allen O'Brien!




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