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User Comments for The Me Nobody Knows

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I was there
by antrodguy on December, 20 2003
From California
In 1970, my brother and I went to NY to spend Christmas with our father, a broadway actor. He told us he could get tickets for "Hair", but in Dec. of 1970, "Hair" was the HOT ticket!. Well, both my brother and I were glad "Hair" was booked. Dad told us that he was able to get two seats at a hot new play that just opened, but it was getting pretty good reviews. My brother and I were sorry for ourselves that we could not see "the" musical of the decade. However, "The Me Nobody Knows" was amazing and I (13 at the time) fell madly in love with Irene Cara. She was mezmerizing. I bought the soundtrack at the theatre and listened to it to death. I still can see snippets of the play in my mind (I saw it once) when ever I sing or play the music back in my mind. My kids think I'm nuts for remembering an entire play 33 years after seeing it and probably 25 years after hearing it. I highly recommend seeing it if you get a chance. I imagine the children of the original cast, or perhaps the grandchildren, will be performing it soon in a theatre near you.




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