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User Comments for Once on this Island

Total Comments: 2

The following comments are property of its author. ITDb assumes no repsonsibility.
Bring this back to the Stage
by on August, 13 2002
From San Francisco
It's been forever and a day since this has been on tour!!! I've been waiting and waiting. It's my favorite. I listen to the CD everyday. C'mon now!!!
Wonderful Little Show
by ecmd on June, 21 2002
From Ellicott City, MD
This is an unexpected little gem of a show. A friend in college raved about this show, and I saw it based on her recommendation. I hopped on a train with the specific purpose of seeing "Once on this Island".

As an almost throw back to the big budget musical, "Once on this Island" shows that good theatre is about telling a good story. No special effects, no gimmicky staging - just straight forward story telling.

At 90 minutes, the creators knew how to keep things moving and there was rarely a bad moment.

The good news is that most of the show is captured on the CD. Very little is missed (except the visualization of the performances).





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