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In a better effort to serve the theatre community, we have decided to allow you to download our database! Some of the information contained is covered by the copyright statement, so please read it before you do anything else. User comments and other material which the Internet Theatre Database does not hold the copyright will not be included in the download.

We will try to post periodic updates to the database reflecting corrections and additions.

Technical details: The database dumps are compressed zip format files which contain the SQL code to create and populate a database based on the ITDb database. You will need a SQL compliant database which can import this text in order to use it (MS Access will not work). The ITDb database uses MySQL as its database - though you do not have to. If you have troubles or need further information please drop us an e-mail. Our primary support is not about setting up other people's databases, so don't be discouraged if we don't respond right away.

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